Syntegon Technology Services Upgrade for your Osgood filler: New fluid clutch

Upgrade for your Osgood filler: New fluid clutch

December 2, 2019

Improved control and easy adjustments: The Clutch upgrade for your Osgood filler equipped with a rollstock assembly will replace your current friction disc clutch with an all-new fluid clutch. This upgrade comes as a complete package including a new pulley.  A newly designed scrap roll is included.  The new design provides quick and easy adjustments to the scrap tension.

Both clutch and friction disks are removed to eliminate dust and debris build-up in the rollstock cabinet of your machine.


Your benefits:

  • Complete upgrade package: No need to order additional parts
  • Improved control: Easy adjustments to scrap tension
  • Hygienic: Eliminates dust build-up in the rollstock cabinet


  • All-new fluid clutch
  • New Pulley
  • Newly designed scrap roll

This pre-assembled clutch upgrade comes with clear documentation so you do not require a Syntegon service technician – Install your new clutch at your convenience.


Download the product brochure to have all facts on hand.


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