Syntegon Technology Services Syntegon Service and COVID-19

Syntegon Service and COVID-19

April 19, 2020

We at Syntegon are very committed to the safety of our employees and business partners.  We are actively monitoring the situation as it relates to coronavirus (COVID-19) and its impact on our service and material deliveries. A task force has been established with participation of the Syntegon board of management as well as company Security and Supply Chain Management. Please see our update below.

updated April 19, 07:30 am

Supply Chain Status

All deliveries have been evaluated from suppliers and sub suppliers located in China or risk areas defined by the Robert Koch Institute.   As of now, the supply of our customers outside of China is only affected in a few specific cases and deliveries to our customer base in North America are unimpacted.  Please note that due  the restrictions in border traffic, there may be delays and price increases in freight costs.

Service Status

International travel for all employees has been suspended until further notice. General domestic travel has some restrictions but we will do our utmost to complete service and  installation visits as requested. Note that we have expanded our Helpline to assist customers with service needs in the event we are unable to come to site. For more in depth information, feel free to email your Syntegon Service contact  If you would like to be put on a mailing list for updates.  Otherwise, bookmark this page and check back as we update this page with the most current information.

We will do our utmost – at our various service hubs and production sites but also from the headquarters – to ensure the supply to our customers. As always, we will observe and take seriously our customer’s safety security measures when coming to site.