Syntegon Technology Services Maintaining your H-Series wrapper: Sigpack Fin Seal Exchange Units

Maintaining your H-Series wrapper: Sigpack Fin Seal Exchange Units

May 3, 2019

The Fin Seal Unit of your machine seals longitudinal seams of your packaging. Due to steady use and natural production conditions it can show indicators of common wear such as noticeable noise and shrunken gearwheel flanks.

To time-efficiently maintain your H-series wrappers, we offer you complete Exchange Units that can replace the worn-out Fin Seal Unit just when it is needed. Depending on its condition, additional parts may be exchanged as well.

Your benefits

Immediate replacement of unit when it is needed
Fast turnaround of maintenance to shorten downtime
Overhaul of units with a customized Rebuild Kit

Besides a complete Fin Seal Unit, a customized Rebuild Kit might be a considerable option for you. Your packaging machine will usually have three Fin Seal Units installed. An additional Rebuild Kit allows you to overhaul the complete assembly of Fin Seal Units. Depending on their current condition, your individual Rebuild Kit consists of several optional spare parts for your Fin Seal Unit that might need to be exchanged, such as:


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