Syntegon Technology Services Reduced price and lead times: Osgood Heater Castings

Reduced price and lead times: Osgood Heater Castings

May 20, 2019

Osgood, a Syntegon Packaging company, provides our customers with the best sealing system solutions: Our high quality aluminum
heater castings have a wide variety of wattage ranging anywhere from 300W to 1400W availability and are ready to be machined and wired upon request.

We offer competitive pricing and fair market value combined with high quality. Osgood stresses the importance of maintaining all genuine OEM parts to enable optimum performance of our sealing equipment at all times. With a reduced, flat price for our Osgood heater castings and reduced lead times of four weeks maximum we want you to save money, time and to profit from genuine Syntegon -quality parts.

Your benefits

Reduced lead times of four weeks
Reduced, flat sell price on all heater castings
Guaranteed quality of genuine Syntegon parts

All of our heater castings at a glance – all at the same price:

Here is how confident we are to provide the best-possible service for you:

We guarantee: If you order 10 or more of the same heater casting model we assure you a lead time of no longer than 4 weeks from day of order placement to ship date – or we will refund an extra 10% of the price. Benefit from this guarantee along with our reduced prices and stock up on the heater castings that your machine requires. To ensure it to run at its best possible level at all times.

Find more details about all of our available heater castings in the table shown or in our brochure below for all facts at a glance.


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