Syntegon Technology Services Preventive Maintenance Kits

Preventive Maintenance Kits

June 5, 2021

General PM Kits

With our Preventive Maintenance Kits, you receive a spare parts package that is tailored to your machine. We are offering a wide range of PM Kits – from standardized to customized PM Kits.


  • Have your individual PM Kits Bill of Material (PM Kit BOM)
  • Can be ordered with your specific PM Kit material numbers
  • Details on the recommended maintenance intervals in operating hours or years
  • Expert know-how (technician experience) tested/reflected
  • Customized PM Kit documentation supplied, designed according to your preventive maintenance time frame
  • On demand: additional information available (e.g. required tools, installation time, etc.)



  • Bundling of wear parts for main assembly groups (partially pre-assembled parts included)
  • Individually designed for your specific packaging machine
  • Exchanged at the recommended maintenance intervals (operating hours or years)
  • Optional on request: consumables (e.g. belts, knives,etc)


Standard PM kits are the best way to get acquainted with the PM kit process if you are unsure where to begin. The Standard kit covers a pre-defined set of parts to be changed at expected intervals. The parts and timing of service are created by Syntegon experts with decades of knowledge on similar machines. Contact your spare parts team for a complete list of Standard kits. Syntegon Preventive Maintenance Kits (PM Kits) are spare parts packages that reduce the risk of unexpected downtime and strive for continuous equipment availability. Further Preventive Maintenance Kits can be offered upon request.