Syntegon Technology Services Preventive Maintenance Service

Preventive Maintenance Service

March 4, 2021

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  For Syntegon Technology Services, we believe in this sentimentBring in one of our experts to examine your equipment.  We will spend the time to make sure everything is running predictably and reliably.  The Preventive Maintenance Agreement is be tailored to the way you operate.   Visits are planned in advance but built with flexibility as we get close to the arranged date.  Timing can be based on a regular interval or certain events such as the need for Production Support during heavy production periods.   We can also equip the expert to help you train your staff, install parts or provide guidance on stock using our Preventive Maintenance Kits and Stock Optimization products.  See below for more add-on services.

If you prefer to have a Syntegon maintenance expert at your side for more than a couple of days, the Embedded Engineer Program may be of interest to you. A service specialist is based directly at your site for a pre defined period of time to support your operators and maintenance team in your day-to-day operations. To identify improvement potential on your systems and processes, we can perform regular Line Check-ups and Technical Audits in addition to regular inspection visits. For fast support during maintenance or in case of a breakdown, Remote Service Assistant products area excellent options. No matter where your machine is located, issues can be addressed remotely to get you back up and running fast.

Combine visits with one or more of these Services:

PM Kits combine a well-adjusted selection of partially preassembled wear parts for main assembly groups with recommended exchange intervals. The maintenance schedule and the parts replacement can ideally be aligned to reduce downtime due to maintenance.

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Through our Syntegon Academy and on-site training offers you can choose from a broad range of maintenance related training courses and in person solutions. With a more detailed understanding of your Syntegon machines, you can achieve higher productivity, enhanced quality and more stable processes.

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Your busiest production seasons might require some extra support. Our Production Support Service has you covered – with expert assistance right on-site. To prevent unexpected downtime during very busy production seasons, a Syntegon technician will provide professional assistance and expertise right on-site. Providing the peace of mind you need to stay focused on your priorities.

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