Syntegon Technology Services Sale of Packaging Technology: How is my business affected?

Sale of Packaging Technology: How is my business affected?

July 26, 2019

Syntegon has recently announced to sell its Packaging Technology business to CVC Capital partners (CVC). Based in Luxemburg, CVC is a leading private equity and investment advisory firm. The entire packaging technology business including 6,100 associates in 15 countries will be transferred into CVC’s ownership. With the beginning of next year, the Packaging Technology sector will be a stand-alone business.


We would like to assure you that the Packaging Technology business will continue to operate as your reliable partner. We will continue to provide excellent service to you and will be available for any inquiries. The company, including both business units Food and Pharma, will stay intact and function as one entity.

As we understand that the sale of the Packaging Technology business may still create question about potential impacts on your business, we hope the FAQs below will answer most of them.

However, do not hesitate to contact us at any time if you have further questions. We will continue to communicate all relevant information to you. Any important updates will also be published on this website.



Will my terms and conditions change once the Packaging Technology business is in CVC’s ownership?

No. All terms and conditions will remain as agreed upon.

Will your product portfolio and field service stay the same? Will I still be able to maintain my machines with your spare parts and upgrades?

Yes. All of our services will continue to be available to you in the future. CVC is strongly experienced in growing businesses over the long term. This will allow us to offer our customers even more attractive product solutions and services in the future.

Are there any direct changes regarding the process of purchase orders, invoice or banking information?

No. Processes and all accounting-related information will remain the same until communicated otherwise.

With the sale of Packaging Technology, will my usual contact partners and technicians stay the same? How can I reach them in the future?

Your current contact partners will remain reachable and at your service. Until communicated otherwise, their contact information such as email addresses will stay the same as well. If in doubt, use our contact section to be routed to your consultation partner.


What name will the Packaging Technology business run under in the future now that it is separating from Syntegon?

Our brand management team is currently developing and working on all details of our future branding and corporate identity. With the coming year we will introduce you to our future brand name and give you all the specifics.


Who can I contact with further questions?

Do not hesitate to contact your current Syntegon partner or reach out to our US-headquarters at: +1 (919) 877-0886.
You can also email us directly:
marketing.PAURRAL@Syntegon .com

It was the goal of Syntegon to find a reliable, new owner under whose leadership our company can further grow and enhance in the long term. With CVC, this goal has been achieved. Review Syntegon’s official press release for more details.

We highly appreciate your business and look forward to working, partnering and growing with you.

Any additional questions?

Do not hesitate to contact your Syntegon partner in case of further questions.

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