Syntegon Technology Services SVE Obsolescence

SVE Obsolescence

August 31, 2021

We are currently facing an obsolescence issue surrounding our VME based controls platform. Several board-level components (integrated circuits or IC chips) are no longer available from semiconductor suppliers with no direct replacement. This ultimately results in the inability to produce the boards that use these components.

Syntegon has taken a number of last-minute buy actions to ensure availability for the time being. We are offering you a solution to purchase a parts package, which contains all critical components regarding the VME platform as well as some additional tools/software that will allow customers to store and manage logic software and recipes on independent Windows computers. In the event of a failure, you will have the necessary components on hand with this kit. Due to the limited number of packages available, please contact us with a request for a quotation.

Note: Syntegon will continue to provide support on the machines, however, for specific components, we may raise prices or refuse orders.


  • Memory card with program
  • Omni Drive (card reader)

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