Syntegon Technology Services Tray Transport Kit

Tray Transport Kit

August 19, 2021

Tray Transport Kit

Preventive Maintenance Kit for your TTM machine.

The Tray Handler is an essential part of your TTM machine: Its shuttles transport cartons throughout the entire line, carrying them all through the forming, loading, and eventually to the closing station. Natural wear and tear can cause unwanted downtime during your production process. To prevent extended downtimes and machine stops, we recommend the TTM Tray Transport Kit including all necessary spare parts to maintain your machine fast and efficiently.

Suitable for:

Applicability will be checked individually

  • TTM
  • TTM1


Delivery contents:

  • Toothed belts
  • Rollers including bearings
  • Pneumatic devices


Installation information:

To ensure proper setup and readjustments, a Syntegon specialist is strongly recommended.


Recommended maintenance interval:

  • Every 40’000h or 5 years


Preventive Maintenance Kit VK8168054151 contents