Syntegon Technology Services CBS-D/B500 Trimmer Rebuild Kits for your Bag Closer

CBS-D/B500 Trimmer Rebuild Kits for your Bag Closer

April 20, 2020

When you notice clear indicators for a necessary Trimmer Rebuild like wavering bag appearance, binding operation, excessive noise, or reduced trimmer blade life, we have the solution for you.

The Syntegon Trimmer Rebuild Kit  addresses all these issues. The Kit includes all parts necessary to exchange the worn-out top trimmers of your machine with new blades, blade covers, shafts and hardware.

Benefit from:

Improved product quality and overall Band Sealer performance
Cost savings in the long term through preventive maintenance
Consistent production and higher throughput

The Trimmer Rebuild Kit is suitable for Bag Closers with Bag Top Trimmers

  • CBS-D
  • B500

Available Kits:

  • 8-110-982-062 2000 Trimmer Kit A&D
  • 8-110-982-067 2000 Trimmer Kit B&C
  • 8-110-984-046 B550 Trimmer Kit A&D
  • 8-110-984-047 B500 Trimmer Kit B&C
  • 8-110-988-646 DRD Trimmer Kit A&D
  • 8-110-988-647 DRD Trimmer Kit B&C

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