Technical Audit


The health check for your equipment: A Technical Audit enables us to highlight potential improvement areas in your production process. The audit will analyze your machine or lines during production to identify technical and organizational stoppers.



Structured analysis of production processes
Interdisciplinary audit team with expert knowledge
Detailed reports documenting technical and organizational stoppers

Facts instead of assumptions

Our skilled audit team will use special software to utilize data logging of your production process: The collected data provides detailed information of the actual performance of your equipment. Potential risks and stoppers in your production process will strategically be optimized.

Higher efficiency, lower costs
The improvement of your packaging processes will also improve its efficiency and lower your costs. Following a Technical Audit, you will receive a report that provides coordinated measures and an action plan for improvement. Estimated costs allow you to calculate the ROI.

Discovery — half to full day on site

A meeting on-site is necessary to understand the needs of your manufacturing process and your methods of tracking success. Those are the metrics we will provide in the final report along with correlative actions by Syntegon.

Kick-off — half-day on-site
During this meeting Syntegon will review the proposed schedule for the audit. The schedule will consist of steps that you will run as well as shifts to be audited. We will review the goals so there is complete agreement on what you expect the results to be.

Audit — 2-3 days on-site
An interdisciplinary Syntegon team will audit your equipment. We will identify easy-to-fix items that may corrupt any audit data. In addition, stoppages in specific categories will be recorded to find common root cause problems.

Analysis and Proposal — 2 weeks off-site
Based on the audit report, Syntegon creates a quotation with coordinated measures for improvement and a comparison of cost and expected use. Both the report and quotes solution set are presented in a half-day workshop with members of the audit team and your management.

Based on the action plan and your priorities, the action plan is transferred into a project plan. Machinery will be upgraded and operators trained to accomplish the proposed measures. All proposed and completed actions will be reviewed and compared to the planned ROI.

Review — 1 year after implementation
Syntegon returns to site with a field service team to review the effects of implementations made and to monitor improvements. We will provide suggestions or corrections in a full service report to you.

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