Syntegon Technology Services Remote Service Portal

Remote Service Portal

The Remote Service Portal

The Internet of Things is merging the virtual world of information technology (IT) and the physical world of industrial equipment at a high pace. Syntegon Technology actively pushes this integration in the process and packaging industry with new solutions.

With our remote services for your machinery, you are laying a cornerstone for connectivity on the Internet of Things. These services are based on the Remote Service Portal.

Fast and efficient thanks to Remote Service
Remote Service stands for fast and efficient service support. Faults can be corrected before they result in extensive production interruptions. This minimizes unexpected downtime and saves time and money.

Remote Service includes:

  • Remote diagnosis
  • Remote administration
  • Installation of software updates
  • Software and parameter backup
  • Review of machine settings
  • Support of on-site troubleshooting

Safe basis: the Remote Service Portal.

Remote Service by Syntegon Technology is based on the new Remote Service Portal. State-of-the-art communication technologies form the backbone of the portal.

How does it work?
The Remote Service Portal establishes a connection between your machine and our experts. This way the experts are able to quickly gain an overview of the machine status. The data connection can be set-up to most control components such as PLC, Motion Controller or HMI (Human Machine Interface). The Remote Service Portal supports multiple protocols and technologies such as Soft VPN or secure routers. Thus, different machines of various generations can be integrated. With our new image exchange application, images and short videos can be exchanged with Syntegon to improve communication.